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Pedro Valdjiu


"I believe that art has the power to connect us to our humanity and to the natural world, and it's my mission to bring that power to the forefront of every exhibition I curate."

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Pedro Valdjiu is a Portuguese visionary art curator born in 1975. He is known for his revolutionary approach to art and his passion for promoting sustainable living. Growing up in a family of like-minded individuals, Valdjiu's parents were raised in Africa and instilled in him a deep love for nature and community.

Valdjiu's diverse background includes touring with a renowned band, studying cinema and art, founding a permaculture educational center, and serving as a director of a Waldorf School. His unique experiences have given him a broad perspective on art and life, which he brings to his work as a curator.

At the age of 17, Valdjiu was involved in a bike accident that resulted in the death of his cousin. During his coma, Valdjiu's cousin appeared to him in a vision and guided him to become the humanist and lover of nature that he is today. This experience profoundly shaped Valdjiu's worldview and approach to life, inspiring him to promote art that is both socially conscious and environmentally sustainable.

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