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The Exibition

Experience the emotional journey of Solastalgia 2048, a virtual art exhibition by renowned photographer Yutaka Nakamura, curated by Pedro Valdjiu, and featuring a soundscape by Chilean sound designer Ana Ramirez. Through 18 breathtaking photographs, this exhibition tells the story of the Great Flood of 2048, a catastrophic event that changed the course of human history.

Step into a world of beauty and despair, where nature and humanity are both the victim and the perpetrator. Explore the virtual gallery and be transported to the places where the photographs were taken, accompanied by the haunting sounds of a dying ocean. You can even experience the exhibition in virtual reality, immersing yourself in the world of Solastalgia 2048 like never before.

This is not just an exhibition – it's a call to action. Join us in our search for regenerative solutions for a more sustainable future. Don't miss this unique opportunity to witness the power of art in addressing the most pressing issues of our time. Visit the virtual gallery of Solastalgia 2048 today.

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