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Sophie Leclerc

The Writer

"We can no longer sustain the current path we are on. We must shift towards regenerative practices that heal the Earth and its inhabitants."


Sophie Leclerc is a French writer and Earth activist, known for her works on relocalization and sustainable living. She studied under the renowned environmentalist Helena Norberg-Hodge and obtained her master's degree in the same field. Leclerc is currently working on a book about Solastalgia 2048, which will delve into both the solutions and the underlying causes of our self-destructive behaviors.

After the death of her father, Leclerc struggled with drug abuse and almost lost her life. She then spent a year in silence in Nepal, where she claims to have encountered a master who told her to use her gift of writing and sharp perception of complex systems to support the event that was to come - the Great Flood.

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